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Bathtub Heated Seat Dual Drain

Manufactured by Ella bathroom furniture. The Whirlpool and Air Bath Walk-In Bathtub in White is a luxurious and convenient addition to any bathroom. This tub is designed with comfort and functionality in mind, with features such as foot massage, heated seats, a fast-fill faucet, and dual drain technology. The main feature of this tub is its two center-facing seats, allowing for easy and comfortable bathing for two people. The tub has a U-shape outward swing door with a gear-shaft driven 3-latch door lock. The door is made from plastic composite material with a decorative tempered glass front screen, adding a touch of elegance to the design.

The tub measures 32 inches wide and 60 inches long, providing ample space for a relaxing bath. The Tub4Two comes with Dual Drain Technology, which consists of two 2-inch gravity-driven drains with four 2-inch outlets, two overflows, and two openers. This allows for a fast and reliable drain, ensuring that you can quickly empty the tub after use. The Hydro Massage System in this tub includes a hydro pump with an in-line water heater, an ozone sterilization system, an intensity dial control, and hydro jets. Has a total of 26 strategically positioned hydro jets, with 18 upper fixed jets (9 per seat) providing relief to your back, hips/thighs, and 8 lower jets for your feet-calves.

Also features the Hydro plus Independent Foot Massage package, which uses two independently run pumps to give bathers a simultaneous full-body and foot massage. Bathers can enjoy an independent foot massage within minutes of simply filling the footwell up to seat level. In addition to the water massage features, also includes an Air Jet Massage System with 18 air jets, an air pump with a 3-speed variable push control, and an auto-purge system. This helps to clean the air massage system and provide a relaxing experience.

The tub is equipped with a two-piece fast-fill faucet that can fill up to 16 gallons per minute based on plumbing conditions. The faucet is mounted, and it also includes a pull-out multi-functional hand shower for added convenience. While filling the tub, the heated seat and backrest keep you warm and comfortable. The tub is made of cast acrylic with a high gloss finish, making it easy to clean. The shell is reinforced with fiberglass gel-coat for durability.

Other features include LED Chromatherapy with multicolor LED lights, a textured slip-resistant floor for safety, a frameless door for a lower threshold, and a rugged stainless steel frame with adjustable leveling legs for stability. The tub also includes two overflows, two 5 ft. incoming supply lines, and two drain elbows for easy installation. This tub can be installed in various bathroom configurations, including a 2 or 3-wall setting or as a freestanding unit with the use of a wall extension kit and end access panels.

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Foot Massage Tub Swing Door Dual Drain The Dual Drain Technology features two individually controlled 2-inch drains with easy-to-turn levers, allowing for the fastest gravity driven drain in the industry. The tub also includes 6 fixed and 2 adjustable hydro jets per seat for a customizable massage experience...

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