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Wheelchair Accessible Bathtub Adhesive Wall

Manufactured by Universal Tubs bathroom furniture. The Wheelchair Accessible Walk-in Air Bathtub with Easy Up Adhesive Wall Surround in Biscuit is a high-quality and luxurious option for wheelchair users. It is designed to provide a safe and independent bathing experience, ensuring the user's comfort and convenience. The bathtub includes two 60x60 inch flat surface rampart wall surround sheets, which help provide a sturdy and secure installation. Additionally, two 60 inch tall corner caddies are included, offering convenient storage space for bathing essentials.

The bathtub features 26 air bubble massage injectors, powered by a 1 HP air blower. This provides a soothing and relaxing experience, perfect for unwinding after a long day. The tub also has a Nova powered thermal heated seat backrest, further enhancing the comfort and relaxation. One unique feature of the wheelchair accessible bathtub is the aromatherapy system. This system releases a soothing aroma fragrance of the user's choice through the air massage injectors. Scent canisters, however, are sold separately.

For added relaxation and wellness benefits, the bathtub includes a chromatherapy multicolor LED light therapy system. This system uses color light therapy to promote good health and wellness. The bathtub is designed to be user-friendly and easily operated. It features a pneumatic button control, allowing the user to adjust the functions of the tub with ease. The auto drain system is another convenient feature, efficiently draining the bathwater in under 60 seconds.

The Wheelchair Accessible Bathtub has a biscuit finish with polished chrome trim, giving it a sleek and modern look. The left side drain location further enhances accessibility and ease of use. Maintenance of the bathtub is made simple with removable front access panels. These panels can be easily removed for any necessary maintenance or repairs. The bathtub does not include a tile flange. However, it does come with a fast fill polished chrome finish 4 piece Roman faucet set with an extendable handheld shower head. This provides added convenience and versatility for the user.

The bathtub is constructed with high-grade marine fiberglass with a triple gel coating, ensuring durability and longevity. The solid stainless steel frame with 8 laser precision support points provides additional stability and support for the user. One notable feature of the bathtub is its compatibility with bathing salts and aromatic oils. This allows the user to customize their bathing experience and enjoy a deep and relaxing soak. This Wheelchair Accessible Bathtub is designed for an alcove style installation. This configuration ensures a seamless integration into any bathroom layout.

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Wheelchair Acces Bathtub Tile Adhesive Wall For added convenience, the tub comes with a fast-fill, polished chrome-finished, 4-piece Roman faucet set with an extendable handheld shower head. It also includes a cable operated waste and overflow system for easy draining. The tub is air jetted for a smooth massaging..
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Foot Massage Tub Swing Door Dual Drain The Air Jet Massage System features an air pump with a 3-speed variable control and air jets. This system also includes an auto-purge maintenance system to keep the system clean. The tub has 22 air jets, with 18 upper jets (9 per seat) targeting the back and hips/thighs,..
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