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White Bathtub Thermostatic Heated Seat Dual Drain

Manufactured by Ella bathroom furniture. The Walk-In Micro Bubble, Whirlpool, Air Bath Bathtub in White is designed with luxurious features and durable materials. It is vacuum formed from a solid acrylic sheet and reinforced with a stainless steel frame that is further strengthened by multiple fiberglass mesh and gelcoat layers. This ensures the bathtub's longevity and sturdiness. The U-Shape Outward Swing Door is made from a plastic composite material and features a decorative tempered glass front screen. It utilizes a gear/shaft driven 3-latch door lock to create a watertight seal, ensuring that no water leaks out during use.

The bathtub comes equipped with Dual Drain Technology, which consists of two 2` gravity driven drains with 4- 2` outlets, 2 overflows, and 2 openers. This innovative design allows for a fast and reliable drain, ensuring that water is efficiently and effectively removed from the tub. The Hydro Massage System of the bathtub includes a hydro pump with an in-line water heater, an ozone sterilization system, an intensity dial control, and hydro jets. These features provide a relaxing and rejuvenating bathing experience, allowing users to adjust the massage intensity according to their preferences.

The Lounger section of the bathtub is equipped with 11 hydro jets, with 5 upper jets targeting the back, hips, and thighs, and 6 lower adjustable jets focusing on massaging the feet and calves. This comprehensive hydro massage experience helps relieve tension and promote relaxation. Additionally, the bathtub offers the Hydro + Independent Foot Massage package, which utilizes two independently run pumps. This feature enables bathers to enjoy a simultaneous full body and foot massage. They can simply fill the foot well up to the seat level, and the independent foot massage functionality will be activated.

The 2-PC fast-fill faucet of the bathtub has a 16 GPM flow rate, ensuring quick and efficient water filling based on plumbing conditions. It features a mounted faucet as well as a pull-out multi-functional hand shower, providing flexibility and ease of use. To enhance comfort, the bathtub includes a heated seat and backrest. This feature helps keep users warm and cozy during their bathing experience. Additionally, the bathtub offers Chromatherapy, which utilizes multicolor LED lights controlled by a Digital Controller. This creates a soothing and harmonious atmosphere, creating a spa-like ambiance.

The dimensions of the bathtub are 27 inches in height, 59 inches in width, and 42 inches in depth. It features a cast acrylic high gloss finish shell, which is easy to clean and maintain. The shell is reinforced with fiberglass gel-coat for added durability. The Dual Drain Technology of the bathtub includes two individually controlled 2-inch drains with easy-to-turn levers. This allows for fast drainage, reducing waiting time after use. The four 2-inch outlets further contribute to the quick gravity-driven drain, making it one of the fastest in the industry.

The Independent Foot Massage functionality consists of four foot and two calf adjustable hydro jets that have their own pump and controls. This feature enables users to enjoy a foot massage without having to fill the entire tub with water. It provides a convenient and efficient option for targeted foot and calf relaxation. The Hydro Massage feature includes five fixed jets, which can be adjusted using the intensity dial control. The in-line water heater and ozone sterilization system ensure a clean and hygienic bathing experience.

The 2 Piece Fast-Fill Faucet has a flow rate of up to 16 gallons per minute. It is designed with a mounted faucet and a pull-out multi-functional hand shower, both featuring a chrome finish. This sleek and modern faucet enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the bathtub. One of the standout features of the bathtub is the LED Chromatherapy, which is powered by multicolor LED lights. These lights can be controlled at the push of a button, creating a relaxing and harmonious environment.

The bathtub includes a 19.5-inch wide seat, allowing for a comfortable and spacious seating position. The heated seat and backrest provide additional comfort, especially during the initial filling of the tub when the water is still warming up. The composite and tempered glass outward swing door is designed with a door seal and an ANTI-leak 3 latch system, ensuring a secure and watertight seal. The door hinge is located on the right side, offering convenience for users.

Safety features of the bathtub include a low step-in 5-inch threshold and a textured slip-resistant floor. These features reduce the risk of slipping and falling while entering or exiting the bathtub. Additionally, a stainless steel grab bar is provided for added stability and support. The bathtub comes with two overflows, two 5 ft. incoming supply lines, and two drain elbows, ensuring efficient and effective water supply and drainage. The rugged stainless steel frame of the bathtub distributes weight evenly and is equipped with adjustable leveling legs. This provides stability and allows for easy installation and leveling of the bathtub.

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