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Garden Uneven Patio Cream

Manufactured by Samsgazebos patio furniture. Outdoor craftsmans stylized hand sculpted gazebo. gazebo kit is a gazebos with and longer posts and to accommodate an uneven patio which guarantees a professional and installation. and spruce, all parts are pre assembled and pre drilled for installation with people. bolts, nails, screws, hardware and illustrated step by step instructions are included. Ready to finish to your liking. At least a foundation or a area for the overhang is required. Min width between the posts is free continental shipping, kit will be delivered to your curbside by a motor fr and clients are responsible to transfer it to inside a property. mail us if you have a level floor like a wood deck. we can make all posts same and ship the needed hardware at no charge. from americas top gazebo manufacturer for over years. Beige cream.
Allwood Summer Light Cabin Kit 3

Summer Light Cabin Kit The Summer Light Cabin Kit provides a charming and comfortable living space that seamlessly combines modern design, functionality, and eco-consciousness. Whether used as a permanent residence, a vacation home, or a studio, this cabin kit offers a peaceful retreat in any season..
Allwood Garden House Cabin Kit 4

Garden House Cabin Kit A garden house cabin kit is a versatile and easy-to-assemble structure that provides an attractive addition to any outdoor space..
Best Barns Wood Storage Building 1

Wood Storage Building The wood story storage building is an impressive structure made entirely out of natural wood materials, creating a warm and rustic aesthetic. It is a standalone building designed specifically for storing and organizing various items, such as tools, gardening equipment, furniture,.
Allwood Cottage Style Kit Cabin 2

Cottage Style Kit Cabin The cabin usually features a compact design, often with a steep-pitched roof, giving it a striking silhouette. The exterior cladding can be made of natural materials like wood or stone, evoking a rustic and timeless feel. The windows are often multi-paned and have shutters,.

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