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Rectangular Walnut Writin Desk Unique Legs

Manufactured by Benjara office furniture. Home or office decor with creating desk. walnut brown finished top and is accented with metallic gold finished metal legs for look as well to have good support base. surface top of the desk is to display picture frames or table accent items. drawers will store all your office supplies and keep the top clutter free. can be use as a creating or working desk for home office and can be put in entryway as accent table. of furniture will bring appeal to your decor and will enhance the vibe of the interiors. Brown and gold.
Regency Cherry Storage Cabinet Lateral File Bookcase 4

Cherry Storage Cabinet Lateral File Bookcase The cherry storage cabinet lateral file bookcase is a must-have for anyone looking to add both functionality and beauty to their space. With its ample storage space, elegant design, and durable construction, it is sure to meet all your storage needs while adding a touch.

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