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Rectangular Drawer Writin Desk

Manufactured by Home Depot office furniture. Crown molding, fluted columns, recessed panels and a black finish, the edinburgh office suite from revolutionizes the home office in style. the from the edinburgh writing desk, cork board, bookcases and center bridge. Writing desk boasts full of workspace and long drawers for quick access to accessories. Cork board sits right at hand above the desk, offering inspiration and room for project planning. Books, supplies and display accents find a home on the shelves of ebookcase. even more open storage can be found in the cubbies of the center bridge. Center bridge cubbies and the lower shelf of pier top offer made in cord access for clock, printer, scanner, charging station and electronics. form the modular office furniture solution. Ivory.
Regency Mahogany Desk Lateral File Bookcase End Brown 2

Mahogany Desk Lateral File Bookcase End Brown The desk component of this piece features a spacious work surface, perfect for spreading out paperwork or using as a laptop or computer desk. The surface is smooth and polished, providing a luxurious feel to any workspace..
Regency Cherry Desk Lateral File Bookcase End Red 1

Cherry Desk Lateral File Bookcase End Red The stunning red finish of this desk adds a bold and vibrant touch to any room. The cherry wood's natural reddish hues are accentuated, making the desk a focal point of the space. The finish is applied professionally, resulting in a smooth and glossy surface..

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