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Led Nickel Chandelier

Manufactured by Worldwide Lighting living room furniture. Asimov chandelier bring scan temporary design to energy efficiency lighting. rolled metal ribbon surreal eye catchers. bright ds are emitted from the flexible silic rubber diffuser which allowing bright ambient illumination. Matte nickle powder coat metal details. fixture allowing, lumens of soft, light using watt of energy to properly light a living area. Other benefits from the light source is that it generates % less heat than a typical incandescent fixture and with the integrated light source, there are no bulbs to change for year sofa beauty. Fully dimmable when used with a compatible dimming switch. World wide light in gisa trustworthy lighting brand and illumination at an exceptional value. over year sofa combined experience in the lighting industry, they have made by exceptional quality illumination world wide seen in reputable homes, hotels, restaurants, casinos and churches across the country. World wide lighting welcomes the opportunity to illuminate yours.

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