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Arm Wall Recliner Sofa Storage

Manufactured by Prolounger living room furniture. Lounger modular sofa rolled arms with hand tacked bronze nail head trim for detail. sofa recliner comes with a left and right reclining arm seat, an armless center reclining seat and center power consoles that all secure together through a button and slot connection on the frames so they will not slip apart. wall hugger recliner sofa has to open and reach handles for reclining on eend and a concealed parachute release cord for the middle seat with cup holders, well storage, ports and outlets in ecenter console that to keep things handily close at hand but out of sight charging your electronic devices. sofa is for long term sitting, viewing and reclining in theater, media and living rooms. Covered in a stain resistant, clean polyester antique looking faux leather fabric. Erecliner is. reclined, from the back of the seat to the footrest. from the seat to the top of the recliner. approved power cords are included to plug in ecenter console. Delivered in boxes. Erecliner.

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