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Bathtub Matte

Manufactured by Alfi Brand bathroom furniture. Spa inspired bathtubs like the free standing resin soaking tubs have become a choice for individuals looking to add a sculptural element to their bathroom decor. tubs do not include has like jets or bubbles letting you enjoy a quiet soak, just like old times. While to the market, solid surface resin tubs retain heat well, and come in a range of shapes and sizes. makes them a choice foradding a elegance with spa like appeal. White matte.
Kohler Vintage Porcelain Enameled Flat Bottom Bathtub 41

Vintage Porcelain Enameled Flat Bottom Bathtub With its flat bottom and reversible drain, this bathtub is designed for two-person bathing, allowing for a truly luxurious and relaxing experience. It is recommended to use K-1172 adjustable feet and K-709 ceramic bath base for proper installation and support...

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