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Bath Vanity Oakgold Top Basin

Manufactured by James Martin Vanities bathroom furniture. Single a style that will complement a range of decors. clean lines, sculpted hardware and a solid surface countertop with an integrated basin. hardwood plywood cores with solid wood braces and brackets, series comes in a range of sizes. White oak is used to create of the most sought after colors series coffee and oak, the glossy white is applied over birch and poplar veneers. color ash gray is created with a veneer derived from multiple post use and sources, comm referred to as engineered woods comprised of reclaimed and off woods, wood from rapidly growing, renewable species. to the merits of its inherent green story, clients do enjoy the consistency of pattern, wood grain and color of noteworthyfurniture grade vanities. an electrical component that has plug in and portals a solid bamboo drawer organizer. sculpted hardware comes in options brush nickel or a radiant gold finish, which adds to the vanitys design. drawers, with close hinges give you storage options for toiletries and.

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